Everything about Testing Automation and SAP

In the world of software development and handling the intricacies of creating the most cohesive user experience, Testing Automation is a name you must have come across. The testing process enables the developer to understand how he can improve and squash out the bugs. Moreover, it also makes the software more reliable and effective in terms of quality.

What is Testing Automation?

Testing automation is the process of using virtual computer software to perform a test case suite. The algorithms work in a way to test what they are created for, over and over again, before presenting a comprehensive report giving out the feedback in terms of the successful or unsuccessful output.

It is different from Manual Testing in which a human has to personally perform all the necessary tests, no matter how great in number they may be, and still then have to compare the average results.

Benefits of Testing Automation

Testing Automation, when compared to Manual Testing, has a massive edge in terms of benefits. Some of those are:

Saves time

Machines are fast! There’s no denying that. And obviously, faster than humans. Automated testing can save a company or development team a big chunk of time just due to the fact that algorithms can run effortlessly without skipping a beat. On the other hand, if everything would be done manually; the testing in all fields and workflows, it would take a massive toll on the overall productivity. Therefore, nothing beats Automated Testing when it comes to raw efficiency.

Saves money

Testing Automation through software can mean heavens for the one who doesn’t have a big fat bank account to shed. Since everything is done automatically, there is no use for a manual workforce or people sitting in front of the screen testing the software.


The swiftness brought in testing with everything working under a specially designed software tool is a huge plus point for anyone ready with his software. Testing can be done over and over again without any pause or hiccups. Even overnight, you can have the tests running and not worry about not getting your software ready on time.


The efficiency and effectiveness of software can only be evaluated by intense repeated testing. Because, obviously you will be performing a task on your software, once it’s ready, multiple times. As a result, testing automation comes in handy in this regard because you can quickly put the test runs on loops.

No more tedious manual testing

Human nature has it this way that something repeated without a change can become tedious and boring. Therefore, automated testing puts this entire aspect out of the equation, as machines neither feel nor have emotions.

Lesser number of escaped defects

Bugs that appear in the final build of the software, accessible to the general audience, are known as escaped defects. These tend to degrade the user experience and create a negative impact. However, with automated testing running checks on regressions, acceptance, and performance can ensure that your final build is the best version of the software you make.

Tricentis TOSCA

Tricentis TOSCA is an automation platform or tool that continuously tests the software without even requiring a script as input and instead uses AI-based algorithms to do everything. It has become the new norm when it comes to testing with any use case or scenario.

There are numerous reasons why Tricentis TOSCA has become a popular choice in automation testing:

No scripts

Because Tricentis TOSCA relies on AI, it requires no script or code-based input. Everything is done without a hassle, something for which it has become a popular choice among developers. Having no scripts means you can focus on other aspects of software development and leave the testing to TOSCA.

Multiple features

TOSCA is one of those gems which offer a stunning range of features. It ties automation and test management tools in one package, which ultimately leads to developers preferring it as their utmost priority.


Buying TOSCA is not something that will concern your pocket. It is a reasonably priced tool for both a beginner and a professional.

Works rapidly

TOSCA can do its magic in just an instance. The results being authentic and rapidly generated are admired by testers in the industry, as they value this quality enhancement that comes from using a reliable automated testing tool.

Benefits of using TOSCA in the SAP Environment

Tricentis TOSCA comes packed with benefits for even a complex system like SAP, which has lately been in great use by global enterprises. Some of them are:

Enhanced Testing

Tricentis TOSCA can test just about any SAP system or application and end-to-end business operations, including APIs. In comparison to other tools, it offers 90% more accelerated testing. Moreover, it gives a testing solution for numerous SAP UI generations, including SAP GUI and SAP Fiori 2.0, while also having integration with SAP solution manager. With its risk based assessment, it can boost test planning in SAP solution manager.

Greater risk coverage

Tricentis TOSCA offers 50% greater business risk coverage in terms of BI and warehouse testing, while also minimising test cases by an equal 50%. Through its efficient testing, it’s able to identify data integrity bugs or issues; therefore preventing issues across all ETL and BI layers.

Comprehensive results

In the SAP environment, analytical data from TOSCA integrates results from manual and automated testing, API and performance testing. This makes sure that while testing your SAP system, you are provided with a detailed final report. For any more information about SAP, you can hop on to this website: https://www.sap.com/index.html


It is without doubt that automated testing has dethroned manual testing on the dint of its convenience and ease-of-use, while TOSCA is the ultimate choice for developers and enterprises to test their system and determine the performance of their creation.

BRIZO Consulting proudly supports the integration of Tricentis Tosca into the development process of our customers and partners. If you are interested in implementing testing automation for your business you can learn more about our service by clicking here.

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