What is TOSCA Testsuite?

Tosca, the test suite from Tricentis, is the leading solution for functional software testing. Both agile as well as waterfall project workflows are supported. The quality of the software is guaranteed by a small number of test sequences.

Tosca reduces the risks during the go-live of your software and optimises the end-to-end processes. Only a small number of tests is required to reduce the risk for each individual case. The required data and model-based automated tests (MBTA) will be generated.

Complex system landscapes are simplified, creating the conditions for early and stable testing.

1 +%
Degree of automation
1 +%
Risk coverage

A 10-fold increase in efficiency compared to traditional or script-based test solutions for test creation and maintenance.

Test case portfolio

Tosca facilitates the creation of an optimised test case portfolio - with maximum risk coverage.


The number of test cases is reduced and the risk coverage is optimised. This is possible thanks to a proven combinatorial method: the linear expansion. You can view aggregated risk coverage from different perspectives: business, performance and compliance.


Create dynamic test cases and avoid time- and object-dependent maintenance.

Redundancy free

Build redundancy-free test case portfolios using the building block principles of Tricentis Tosca.

Low maintenance

Minimise maintenance effort - both on a technical and a business level

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