Brizo proudly presents: Your tailormade SAP training!

By Peter Buchmaier, CEO Brizo Consulting

Customization is not only our passion when we setup a system, but also when we prepare a training!

During the last years we made the experience, that a lot of our customer are not able to find a proper training for SAP. Either the agenda doesn’t fit to the need or the called price is much too high. With increasing frequency we also identified the need for trainings who are covering aspects of cloud and on-premise solutions.

Coming from this issue we worked out an approach how we can offer our customers a tailormade training, fitting exactly to their needs.

Our huge treasure of experience enables us to offer you trainings not only in the SAP BRIM but also in the SAP FI-CO area, our trainers are covering the well know on-premise world but also the new developments available in the cloud. We know that it’s for instance important to know the difference between the event concept in FI-CA and the cloud BADI’s.

This idea came true now:
Brizo has just delivered a successful SAP BRIM Cloud & On-premise training at a big software development company in Germany. The agenda covered the functional solution approach, the used master data objects, intensive exercises and many more topic. Important was for the customer, that the participants understand the concepts, the common-features and differences between the cloud and the on-premise world.

To get your customized SAP training is not as hard as you think!
Just contact us and we will lead you through the process!

Preparation phase

We analyze your training requirements! The current and target skills of the audience, your system architecture (on-premise, cloud, hybrid) and your budget are taken into consideration.
We make a proposal for the training agenda, the training material, the trainer and you get an offer with an affordable price point!
We collect your feedback and finalize agenda and material.
We organize the training together with you.

Execution phase

We run the training; either in your own training rooms or we organize the location for you. In any case we make sure, that the participants will feel very well during the training session.

Feedback phase

We collect the feedback of participants in a structured way and use it improve our common upcoming trainings.