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SAP BRIM – An Overview 

The digital transformation and the changing consumer behavior of customers are forcing companies to rethink their products and processes. The markets are undergoing a transformation: usage-based fees and subscriptions are increasingly replacing one-off sales of a product. Use the opportunities of digital transformation for your company!

The key to this is SAP BRIM (Billing and Revenue Innovation Management) - the consistent evolution of conventional billing. Pricing, billing, invoicing and open item management are the core functionalities of this flexible and constantly evolving software.

The advantages are convincing:

With our many years of experience and cross-industry expertise, you can leverage the new potential of your company!
SAP BRIM is not just a single module, but a framework of various components that optimally support your Offer-to-Cash or Consume-to-Cash processes.

Each component is highly integrated into the solution architecture, but can also be replaced by an existing implementation.


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