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SAP BRIM in the Financial Industry - A Conversation

Every day, SAP BRIM demonstrates its strengths in retail, utilities, and telecommunications. You played a leading role in the implementation of BRIM at a financial services provider. How did this happen?

In the winter of 2016/2017, a customer from the financial services industry asked us whether we would not like to support him with the POC (proof of concept) of his new system landscape. We naturally enjoyed this challenge and today we have been on board for almost two and a half years and can look back on our first productive experiences.

How have you tackled this challenge?

During the POC, we broke down the customer's requirements into functional user stories. Based on the overall view of the user stories, we created a high-level blue print, not too detailed, but in a way that provides us with the necessary framework for implementation. Within two-week sprints, we worked through the backlogs of the product owners in interdisciplinary teams, so that at the end of the POC there was proof of a sustainable system architecture. Thanks to the Scrum methodology, we were able to quickly make the customer experience the first results, and a project spirit quickly developed that focused on the requirements of the end customer and the products.

You approached interdisciplinary teams, with which skills and profiles did you support the customer?

During the POC, we were already able to lay a lot of groundwork for the subsequent implementation project, the decisive factor being a scalable, secure and future-proof BRIM system design. So our architects played a very decisive role here. They were supported by our module experts, especially in the areas of Convergent Charging, Convergent Invoicing and FICA, not to mention our ABAP developers. Again and again, however, we have also provided support in the methodical control of the project. It is important to us to advise our customers not only with regard to technology: Our consulting approach covers technology, functional consulting and methodology. During the project, we were able to scale the BRIZO team according to the customer's needs, with the help of our Nearshore Delivery Center in Albania.

You are an old hand in the SAP BRIM world - what did you learn from the project?

The regulatory requirements for a financial services provider are manifold, I would like to mention the BaFin, PCI-DSS and the Anti-Money Laundering Act. Here we had to crack a nut or two, but together with the customer's employees we found, I think, very good solutions. But I remember one other requirement in particular: On the one hand, we had to quickly make the claim visible to the customer in the accounting department, on the other hand, the invoice had to be written at a different, defined time. On-top was the payment of a liability to a partner. Here, we went through three or four approaches, all of which we had modelled from the BRIM standard, in order to implement a very elegant solution in the end in the interaction of Convergent Invoicing and Convergent Charging.

How did the cooperation with the customer work in general?

We see ourselves as partners of the client and meet him at eye level. Together with him, we bring the project safely across the finishing line. Our consultants were and are integrated into the respective teams and play a coaching role. Project work is also always on-the-job training, so we are very close to our clients and are happy to support them in building up their know-how, not only during the project but also in separate training sessions.


Richard Griffith is Senior Consultant BRIM/FI and can look back on 22 years of SAP experience.

Richard Griffith
Chief Executive Officer

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